About South African Parenting


Print & Digital

We are the only parenting directory in South Africa that couples our updated listings with a quality printed version in the form of an annual hardcover guide. By doing this, we are ensuring that all information remains relevant and is categorized in accordance with very specific chapters and categories within the book and on the website.


Quality database

We have limited areas which we focus on, namely, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. The reason for this is that SA Parenting would prefer to publish a quality database within these most popular areas to ensure there is sufficient information for parents residing here



Our contents and index system allows users to source information on both the website and in the book with ease. Our advanced directory search function allows you to filter by category and area to find the businesses in your area quickly and easily.



SA Parenting commits itself to providing a user friendly website interface. Our website does not include active advertising banners which can make the user feel rather lost and intimidated.